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Cobra Kai: The Major Characters that We Expect to Return in Season 4! Details Below

Cobra Kai is unstable. With its kitschy-sounding comedic reboot of the famous ’80s movie franchise starring Ralph Macchio, debuting on a streaming service that few knew existed in May 2018, the Karate Kid sequel series was an underdog. Cobra Kai, on the other hand, was a real treat for those who found it (call it the Ted Lasso of 2018). Sadly, the show was cancelled after the second season when YouTube stopped producing scripted originals.

Because of their growing cooperation, Daniel and Johnny have become an essential part of Cobra Kai. This season, we can look forward to seeing Ralph Macchio and William Zabka return, as well as Martin Kove, whose villainous John Kreese has a long history of bad behaviour dating back to his time serving his country in Vietnam.

A much broader audience can now enjoy the show’s subtle nostalgia thanks to Netflix, which added the first two seasons last summer and renewed the series for a third season. The third season premiered on January 1st, 2021, and quickly rose to the top of the list. At your own peril, do not underestimate Cobra Kai.

Season three of The Walking Dead has come to a close, and it’s time to look ahead to what lies ahead. How will Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) work together? How many cameos from the original films will there be in this sequel? How can the local economy support so many dojos? For now, let’s assume the show will continue until “the final bell rings.”


Is Cobra Kai set to return for a fourth season?

 Yes. Now that they’ve won critical praise and gained new fans, Cobra Kai is no longer a scrappy underdog that’s at risk of being shut down at anytime. Season 4 was announced at the time of the show’s move to Netflix. While the third season was filmed for YouTube back in 2020, it was sold to Netflix when the Google-owned video service decided to change their strategy of programming and discontinue all of their original series. As part of the Netflix deal, the fourth season was teased all the way back in Season 3’s teaser.


When will the fourth season of Cobra Kai air?

A “date announcement” teaser trailer was released on September 26 by Netflix to announce the show’s return on New Year’s Eve.


There hasn’t been a trailer for Season 4 of Cobra Kai yet.

Yes, there are several. In the new season’s trailer, Thomas Ian Griffith, who played Terry Silver in The Karate Kid Part III, is back as the nemesis who joins forces with John Kreese to cause trouble for Daniel LaRusso. Season 3 ended with a mysterious phone call from Kreese, hinting at his impending appearance. It appears that this duo will target not only LaRusso, but also Kreese’s former protege, Johnny Lawrence, this time around.


Who will be returning for Season 4 of the show?

Without Daniel and Johnny working together, Cobra Kai wouldn’t be what it is today. Martin Kove, whose villainous John Kreese, we learned in Season 3, has been a bad guy since he served in Vietnam, will also be back, along with Ralph Macchio and William Zabka. With the addition of Griffith as Terry Silver, expect that storyline to become even more complicated in the upcoming season.


You can expect to see younger versions of Miguel,Robby, Hawk, and Samantha. There have been hints in interviews that Nichole Brown’s Aisha, whose absence in Season 3 has been sorely felt, might make a comeback in the future. Co-creator Josh Heald told Entertainment Weekly that “no one has ever been written off of our show.”


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