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‘The Mandalorian’ Season 3 – will have Answers to all the Questions Left in Season 2

The Mandalorian is among the most popular shows available on the OTT platform. Exclusive to Disney+ Hotstar, it is a series created by Jon Favreau. There is a strong connection between the series and the Star Wars universe.

The Mandalorian has gotten rave reviews from critics and has been well received by fans as well. The series takes place five years after the events of Return of the Jedi.

Mandalorian season 3 will begin filming immediately, indicating that the show’s return in 2022 is likely. Episode 2 ended with Grogu’s departure from Mando to join Luke Skywalker’s training.

Right now, it’s the only story we have high hopes for in the show’s upcoming season, along with a few other plotlines sparked by the show’s breathtaking finale. We can all look forward to new adventures when the third season premieres.

The question which unanswered in season 2

Din Djarin’s Rule Over Mandalore: Is It About To Begin?

When the Darksaber is owned by a Mandalorian, that person is crowned as Mandalore, the king of Mandalore. As one might expect, this rule has gotten Mandalore into trouble time and time again. When Darth Maul was briefly in charge of the planet, for example,

For this reason, the Darksaber belonged to Moff Gideon and meant that the planet would be under his control as soon as possible. The Darksaber belongs to Mando, who was defeated by Din Djarin in battle, so he is now the ruler of the planet.

The Darksaber Became Disappearing From Bo-Hands. Katan’s

The last time we saw the Darksaber was in Star Wars: Rebels, when Moff Gideon used it. For Bo-Katan to unify Mandalore under a single leader, it was given to her. In any case, since Moff Gideon had the dark saber, it’s clear that she must have given it up to Moff Gideon.

What Was the Great Purge?

Mandalorian Is this the beginning of the end?

This was a pivotal moment in Mandalorian history because it resulted in the devastation of their home planet. Long-time Star Wars fans, on the other hand, know that the Galactic Empire was responsible for the attack. But it isn’t clear what happened in the end.

For example, Boba Fett referred to the planet as a “desert” and “turned to glass” in the show. It’s also unknown what caused the Mandalorians to flee across the galaxy. Not to mention that Bo-Katan was traumatized by the purge events.


What Purposes Did Grogu’s Blood Serve?

For more than two seasons, Moff Gideon had his sights set on Grogu. Because of some unknown reason, he sought his blood. Now, there are a lot of theories about what this mystery reason is, but the show didn’t explain it. The most widely accepted theory is that he intends to use the blood of Baby Yoda to resurrect Emperor Palpatine.

Dr. Pershing’s partnership with Gideon, a cloning expert, makes sense now. If so, what else could he have in mind? If Gideon plans to use the midi-chlorins in Baby Yoda’s blood to enhance his powers of the Force, then that’s something to keep in mind. Keep Guessing about something new in this season.


Who or what is Sabine Wren?

Most of the original cast members made a comeback for the second season. In addition to that, many of them were hidden behind their helmets. Bo-Katan and Boba Fett were among the Mandalorians we saw alongside Din Djarin. Sabine Wren was the only Mandalorian who was not present at this reunion.

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